My name is Brent Huisman, working as a Postdoc in radio therapy. Here I use Monte Carlo tools to estimate the in-vivo dose to every patient. Earlier, I earned a PhD in particle therapy, on the subject of prompt gammas for treatment verification. I’ve got a master’s degree in particle physics, and within my master’s thesis I worked on proton computed tomography.

As a student representative and as board member of a study association, I learned what a good team can accomplish. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time as treasurer, secretary of an event with the top strategy consultants of the world and co-organizing a symposium featuring a Nobel prize winner.

I like life, the universe and everything. The workings of our universe, our globe and its thin top layer with us humans in it: wow! Besides hiking, reading, cooking and bothering others, I like to spend time on computer hardware, writing small software tools (in Python, C++, even Java) and design of this website (HTML, CSS, even Javascript). Of particular interest to me are free software and free information. This website serves as a sandbox and public display of such endeavours.