Things I Create

  • Research – a short overview of past and present research activities.
  • Gate – contributed code to the open source Monte Carlo tool Gate, used for the simulation of photon and particle therapy and imaging. My main contribution is the PromptGammaTLE actor, which speeds up the convergence of the prompt gamma signal by a factor of 1000.
  • par2deep – Produce, verify and repair par2 files recursively.
  • lastfmtagupdater – Update your music files with tags from Last.FM.
  • flickrsimplesync – Sync your photos to flickr.
  • phd_tools – Set of tools to work with Gate outputs (MHD image class, RTPlan class, plot functions) and scripts to process and view such data.
  • sphinx-natbib2 – a fork of sphinx-natbib that fixes an issue with citations inside captions.
  • PySPARC – a Python implementation for data acquisition with a HiSPARC DAQ. Helped with performance profiling and wrote the proof of concept from scratch.
  • Javascripts for this website (HUD) – most notably a script that collects news from RSS feeds and presents them in a high-density overview, and a script that compiles a Flickr photo set into a list of thumbnails which Colorbox then turns into a beautiful gallery.
  • Plugins for ObrazObraz is a compact html generator in Python. Helped squash a few bugs, wrote a few custom plugins.
  • Blog – occasional musings on life, the universe, and everything.
  • Photography – check out my photos on Flickr, check my blog for posts tagged 'photo'.

Things I Like

Things From The Past

Web development

Below a portfolio of website I wrote for myself or for third parties. Apart from design I have a pretty deep experience with Wordpress, as it was the first platform easy to dive in a a coder/designer, while still having a very strong focus on an easy to use backend for regular users, often the providers of content. My Wordpress experience is on webshops, document storage, registration systems, photo albums, and integration of 3rd party RSS. Since a few years I have embraced the static web when possible, including writing custom code to match previously used functionality. You might say it's my hobby ;)


  • Netvibes – an online RSS-reader.
  • wxMusik – a music management application, like iTunes.
  • Buddi – a program to monitor and manage personal finance.
  • Raw Therapee – a free photo workflow program for Linux and Windows.