Food and health

Since moving to Lyon I’ve learned that French and in particular Lyonese cuisine is quite a lot fattier than Dutch culinary habits. Strange, because the French appear thinner (and shorter). My hypothesis: (North European) misconceptions on the effects of food on health, probably perpetuated by a higher degree of industrialisation of food and the interests of the food industry. My preliminary conclusions:

  • Sugar is bad. Refined fructose in particular. Stick to sugars from fruits and honey if you must.
  • Fat is good. Processed foods contain the latter, hence the interest. Coconut, olive and rapeseed oil are best, but don’t use olive oil to fry.
  • Salt isn’t bad.
  • Learn to make simple sauces from scratch. It’s simple, and healthier than prepared flavour packets.
  • Eat less, not light.
  • Look to mediterranean diets for inspiration, they’re consistently rated as healthy.
  • Refined sugar: do not eat.

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